It has come to our attention that unauthorised individuals or organisations are falsely using the “VSTECS Group” identity (such as misusing VSTECS Group’s name, logo, senior management officers’ name and position, etc.) in attempts to defraud members of the public via unsolicited telecommunication and/or other unsolicited communications purportedly originating from or implying an affiliation with VSTECS Group or any of our subsidiaries.

These unauthorised schemes may be circulated by way of fake website(s), scam mails, notices, emails, faxes, SMS (short message service), social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.). Some of the schemes include but are not limited to:

  1. Fraudulently representing themselves as VSTECS Group’s management, agent, middleman, third-party individuals or companies or firms as authorised representatives;
  2. Illegally conducting unauthorised solicitation of business designed to look real by fraudulently using VSTECS Group’s name or logo, and asking for money or funds or providing instructions to execute purchases of goods and services.

Be advised NOT to entertain such claims as these are fraudulent claims, and the VSTECS Group has NO AFFILIATION with these unauthorised parties. Please exercise caution and be vigilant so as not to fall victim to such scams.

We take all information regarding suspicious or fraudulent activities very seriously. When in doubt, kindly contact us at for confirmation.