Corporate Responsibility Statement

The Group believes that a firm commitment to Corporate Responsibility (“CR”) forms the basis of good corporate citizenship. Aligned with the Group’s business strategy, we endeavour to foster an environment to look after the interests of our key stakeholders – shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers and employees – in a socially responsible manner. This is reflected in our approach within the workplace environment, wider community and the marketplace. The leadership and management provided by our dedicated Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) committee oversees this approach and also identifies, supports and coordinates activities aimed towards creating a positive impact.

The Workplace

The Group practises the principle of equal opportunities in career advancement and gives rewards commensurate with employees’ performance and merits.

The key features of our approach within the workplace can be observed through workplace diversity, health and safety, and employee training programmes. The Group employs 376 employees (as at 31 March 2016), with a male to female employee ratio of 52:48. The Group’s employees are aged between 21 years to over 60 years, with 80% within the age group of 21 to 40 years. This diverse workforce ensures a potent combination of a young dynamic workforce and highly-experienced industry veterans to excel in this competitive ICT industry.

We continuously strive to provide a safe working environment for our employees. This is derived through scheduled office safety inspections, fire safety drills and risk awareness campaigns. The Group also promotes a healthy lifestyle through the availability of a health corner allowing employees to monitor their weight and blood pressure. Physical activity and teamwork are encouraged through the activities organised by the Sports Club.

The Group recognises the importance of continual investment in our employees to adequately raise their skill levels commensurate with the ever-evolving Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. Internal and external training programmes are organised to deliver a holistic training experience to our employees. This ensures that the existing workforce and new employees are equipped with the necessary skills and competencies to deliver high performance while nurturing new talents and abilities.

To emphasise the importance of excellence even in our employees’ families, the Group has introduced an Employee Children Education Incentive Scheme since 2014 to motivate employees’ children to pursue good academic results in their education.

The Environment

The Group believes it has a moral and social responsibility in playing an active role in reducing carbon footprint and contributing towards a greener environment. We have implemented energy saving measures to minimise the usage of air-conditioning, lighting and office equipment throughout the organisation.

In the year under review, the ESG committee collaborated with a charity organisation for our employees and their family members to participate in a recycling event at Padang Kota Damansara. The event organiser gave a talk to promote and educate participants on the proper methods of recycling such as sorting out recyclables according to the types of plastics, paper, tins and electronic devices.

The ESG committee also initiated a recycling day with a specialist company in the recycling industry to provide a seminar and workshop on the concepts of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” and recycling management to our employees. This workshop was a success as the Group recycled approximately 1200 kilogrammes of electronic devices, 226 kilogrammes of paper, 32 kilogrammes of clothing, 16 kilogrammes of metal, and 10 kilogrammes of plastic, were successfully recycled in 2015.

Within our warehouse, approximately 2,800 units of wooden pallets and 7 tonnes of carton boxes were reused for repackaging purposes, while around 9,300 wooden pallets, 25 tonnes of paper and 2 tonnes of plastic wraps were collected for recycling.

The Community

In reaching out to the community, the Group participated in the East Coast post flood relief project by donating personal computers and printers to Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan (C) Yuk Chai, Kuala Krai to help set up a computer laboratory for the students. Further to that, the Group also made a cash donation for the same cause via a charity organisation.

To extend our care to the cancer society, the Group donated personal computers to Hospis Malaysia, a charitable organisation that offers professional palliative care to patients who are suffering from life-limiting illness, and who live within Klang Valley.

In keeping with our past programmes, we collaborated with the National Blood Bank to organise a blood donation drive in our office premises. We are proud to report that we received tremendous support from our employees, resulting in an overall collection of 50 units of blood bags for this campaign in 2015.

The Marketplace

The Group recognises the importance of timely and thorough dissemination of accurate and useful information relating to our operations to stakeholders. In this regard, we strictly adhere to the disclosure requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Bursa Securities) and the Malaysian Accounting Standards Board. In fact, this Annual Report contains comprehensive information pertaining to the Group, while various disclosures on financial results provide stakeholders with the latest financial information on the Group.

Apart from the mandatory public announcements through Bursa Securities, the Group’s website at provides the public with convenient and timely access to business updates, as well as financial and non-financial information. Furthermore, stakeholders are able to direct queries to the Group via this website.

In order to provide clear and transparent communications to our stakeholders and the investment community, the Group’s Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and other senior management are actively involved in the Group’s investor relations activities, including conducting regular investor briefings with the research analysts and institutional fund managers.

The objective of our investor relations activities is to develop and promote a positive relationship with all stakeholders via active two-way communication and enhance our stakeholders’ understanding of the Group’s core businesses and operations, thus enabling investors to make informed decisions.

The Group intends to continue improving our communications approach to ensure that we continue to relay pertinent information to investors in a transparent and consistent manner.



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